Upcoming alpha release

by Market Tree

Hello there,

Our service, where we provide a place on-line for buying and selling goods and services in the UK, will be released officially when ready. Before then we shall release our service in alpha, and then in beta.

What do we mean by “alpha”
Before official release, we offer our service to the public to allow people to use and play with our web site to:

  • explore our service and see what we can do for buyers and sellers
  • come up with suggestions on how our service and web site can be improved (for example: a new feature, a change to the existing service, or the web site’s look and feel)
  • make any other comments which come to mind
  • test it in order to spot any bugs (errors or things that go wrong).

All suggestions and comments can be left either via the Contact us link on our web site or as a comment on this blog post.

A little caution whilst you explore
All items and transactions (fixed-price purchases, auction bidding and auction winning) will be treated as fictional and for testing purposes only. No activity will be contractual so you can test all you like.
Exception: All payments made via PayPal (using a debit card, credit card or PayPal account) will be effected. Therefore, please make no payment via PayPal unless you are making this type of test by prior arrangement with us.

We trust that you enjoy exploring our web site, and look forward to receiving any feedback. We shall announce here when we release our service in alpha.