Alpha release

by Market Tree

We have today released our service in alpha for testing by the public.

Invitation to evaluate our web site and associated service
We invite you to evaluate our new web site for buying and selling goods and services in the UK, which can be found at:

We would appreciate any evaluation you could do of the web site and service, from whatever perspective interests you. For example:

  • The service offered.  Do you have any thoughts about the exchange services offered (by fixed-price and auction)? The auctions work differently than on EBay. Do you like or dislike this?
  • The look and feel of the web site.  Any views and comments?
  • Recruitment scheme.  The site has a scheme to encourage users to recruit new users. What are your views of this scheme?
  • Software testing to find bugs.  Feel free to give the web site a thorough beasting to find any weak points.
  • Anything else.  Do you have any other views, comments or tips? What could make the web site or service better or more effective?

The status of all activity on the web site
All user data, items and transactions (fixed-price purchases, auction bidding and auction winning) will be treated as fictional and for testing purposes only. No activity will be contractual so you can test all you like. You should be aware of 2 exceptions:

  1. Your E-mail address will need to be a real one since we ask users to verify their E-mail address.
  2. PayPal functionality is live. All payments made via PayPal (using a debit card, credit card or PayPal account) will be effected. Therefore, please make no payment via PayPal unless you are making this type of test by prior arrangement with us.

Evaluation notes
Please do have a play with the site. There are test items on sale. Some are on offer by fixed-price, the others are on auction. Feel free to bid for items or buy them. We shall organise a test user to bid against you, so you can see the bidding process in action. This will give you a chance to see whether you like the bidding system or not.

If you buy the item or win the auction and select payment by cheque, please then indicate on the web site that you have sent it (even though this is all testing so no cheques are actually sent).

You can register one test user, and then use this user to recruit a second. Feel free to make your test buying and selling activity using this second user. This should trigger recruitment bonuses for your recruited users’ buying and selling activities.

Protection of your personal data
During this evaluation phase of our service, the sole personal data entered during user registration which has to be real is a valid E-mail address. This needs to be real because we ask users to verify their E-mail address after registration. All other data can be fictional.

All personal and other data entered and recorded by our systems will be deleted before the service leaves its evaluation phase and goes “live”.

Please be assured that at all times – during this service evaluation phase and afterwards – we shall adhere to our privacy policy.

We will welcome all comments and suggestions. These can be left either via the Contact us link on our web site or as a comment on this blog post. These will help us to get the service the best it can be before commercial launch.