Why start Market Tree?

The Question
That’s a good question: Why did I start Market Tree?

The Answer
Well, I found myself using various web sites to buy stuff (as you do), including a web site that sells nothing of its own but just other people’s stuff: EBay.

Yes, EBay works. People offer stuff for sale, I and others buy via auction or fixed-price sale, I pay for and receive my items, and I leave feedback. But the whole EBay experience annoys me so much. Let me give you some of my main bug-bears:

  • Sniping.  If an item is on auction and bidding is at least fairly busy, you are wise to wait until the last few seconds before the auction finishes to place your bid (“sniping”), so as not to give others much time to counter-bid.
  • Charges, charges, charges.  Almost whatever I do when selling (which, to be honest, I hardly ever do), there are additional charges (on top of the enormous final sale success fee of around 10%):
    • a listing fee (I am charged to dare to sell before I have even started!)
    • another listing fee (if my item did not sell and I want to try again)
    • for priority listing
    • for bold text
    • for a small picture when in a list of items.
  • Delivery charges.  These can be significant, and are on top of any bid or purchase amount. (Why are these not included in the item price?)
  • Selling an item.  The process seemed very complicated to me when I put an item up for sale. The forms to fill in were many and big and, because I did something wrong or did not understand what was going on, I had to cancel and start all over again a few times.
  • Feedback from the seller.  Often sellers cannot not be arsed to leave feedback after I have left them positive feedback. Thanks for that, even though, of course, I did pay you before you despatched my items.

Does this ring any bells for you?

So I decided to “scratch my own itch” and create something that I want to be better. I’ll let on-line citizens decide whether I am on the right lines or just barking.